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This time of year we tend to see an increase in PHONE CALL SCAMS related to debit cards and bank accounts. Please keep the following in mind if you receive such a call and notify the bank immediately.
1.The bank will never call you and ask for any of your account numbers.
2. If you receive an automated call stating your debit card has been locked due to fraud and are asked to return the call as soon as possible, this is a SCAM to get your debit card information.  DO NOT CALL BACK.
3. If you receive a call asking you to reset your PIN number on your MasterCard Debit Card,  this is a SCAM also.    DO NOT RESET YOUR PIN.

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1) iPhone: Visit the iTunes App Store
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2) Search for “TouchBanking”.
3) Install the Application.
4) Once downloaded…
   Tap the icon to log in
5) Enter the App Code: GoMobile1436
6) Enter your Username, then Continue
7) Answer security question, Enter password and Log in.

Did you know? 

Learn how to protect yourself on the internet

How to Guard Against Internet Thieves and Electronic Scams.  Click here to find out more.

MasterCard SecureCode can help protect your Debit Card when making Online purchases.  Click here for more details.

Reg. CC Funds Availability Change Disclosure
In order to better serve YOU, Deposit Cut-off Time has been extended to 6:00 p.m., each business day for all bank locations. Effective 6-17-2013.


Important CCSB MasterCard: Credit Card & Debit Card numbers
CCSB MasterCard Credit Card declined - (877).881.6018
CCSB MasterCard Credit Card lost/stolen  - (877).881.6018 Option #2
CCSB MasterCard Debit Card Lost or Stolen (800).472.3272